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Sectigo (formerly Comodo CA) offers the complete range of available SSL certificates for your business. With more than 100 million certificates issued and the widest selection of certificate options to meet the needs of any sized website, Sectigo is the best choice for your SSL needs.

Sectigo SSL Certificates

A certificate for every need

Sectigo offers all standard SSL certificate types at reasonable prices.

Domain Validation Certificates

The fastest and easiest SSL certificates for enabling encryption and removing security warnings for your site.

Domain Validated (or DV) SSL certificates are the fast, convenient, reliable way to add industry-standard encryption to web sites and internal systems

These certificates offer strong 256-bit encryption and are compatible with all popular browsers, server software, and internet infrastructure components. And with ultra-fast issuance, they can be ready to deploy in a matter of minutes.

Sectigo SSL Certificates

DV Certificates Available In:

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